Davinci Resolve is amazing video editing software. In one free to download package, you get options to manage footage, color grade,  add sound effects, and render footage without watermarks. I found that Davinci Resolve uses system recourses more efficiently and performs in a more stable manner.  Especially compared to Premiere pro the program rarely crashes.


In using Davinci Resolve it can be hard to know what to look for on optimizing system performance.. Or find the right settings that work. It’s easy to get hung up on a setting, not knowing what causes a (rendering) problem. Therefore I’ve written 6 tips that might help tremendously in getting more out of the program, in general. While the free version utilizes the CPU mainly, the paid Studio version relies on- and uses the Graphicscard.  But even in the free version, without using any GPU power, these pointers can help in making the program run faster and smoother.


  1. Create Optimized Media
  2. Create Proxy Files. This basically let Davinci create low-resolution video files. It will make it easier to play back your footage. Davinci will replace the low-resolution footage with the original files automatically on rendering the project.
  3. Maximize the amount of GB for Davinci to use. Memory and GPU menu.
  4. UPDATE YOUR DRIVERS. I cannot stress this enough. In my case updating the Nvidia card wasn’t enough. Only after also updating my onboard graphic card the project rendering stopped crashing.
  5. Uncheck the last two options in the UI Settings Tab to avoid hiccups
  6. On crashing when rendering from the delivery tab, try changing the codec. Using different codecs can let the system use different hardware. This can be a fix to still let Davinci render avoiding any graphic hardware. Even though rendering speed will be slower.

 If this helped in any way let me know in the comments. Also if I missed essential tips or tricks to make Davinci run even smoother I would love to hear them.