How I earned 1.000,- dollars on Fiverr

Every big journey starts with taking small steps. These are my Fiverr steps.

February 2023 I decided to create a Fiverr profile. Not that I expected a lot of it. Many people advise against it.

But I figured, if you want to become better at something, dive into it. Start with the small jobs, make sure you can turn bad footage into proper okayish videos. Get better at it.

I kicked off my first gig by asking a client to outsource editing and let it run through Fiverr. As it also guarantees quality, and meeting deadlines by the design of its system. It gave him the assurance to move forward with me.

For 2 months after this it was dead silent. I made sure to be online on the app as much as possible. No inquiries or messages. I actually gave up on it.

Around 2 months later. Someone reached out with drone footage requiring an edit. Since then clients have been messaging in increasing steadily manner at least monthly.

Fast track to today.
In a year I’ve made around 1000,- dollars over 12 gigs.

And some gigs opened opportunities to earn money outside the Fiverr platform as well.
It has build credibility, made me work on bigger projects. It challenged me at times and allowed me to grow my editing skills and set up proper workflows.

What I like about Fiverr is that it allows a clear structure for timelines and deadlines. A big problem is having clients not responding or providing feedback when required leaving a project hanging. Fiverr takes care of this by requesting payment up-front making sure both client and you are invested in delivering a proper product.

If a client goes cold, or ghosts you, money is simply payed out, and there’s no more need for chasing. 🤷‍♂️Fiverr also offers setting up custom quotations to adjust delivery standards and compensation.

It also allowed me to collaborate in a safe environment to buy services from other creators. I see only benefits.

Looking back, I actually wished I started selling on Fiverr sooner.

1️⃣ It simplifies selling and buying
2️⃣ It guarantees maximum commitment from both client and seller.
3️⃣ It allows you to define own budgets and control growth.

More importantly it forces you to start thinking commercially and grow your craft to deliver better market value.

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