The DJI Mini 4 Pro

The DJI Mini 4 Pro is a groundbreaking drone made for everyone, from beginners to professionals. It’s small, powerful, and perfect for travel and capturing amazing aerial footage. And together with my friend Rick, we loved using it in The Netherlands.

Benefits of the DJI Mini 4 Pro

The DJI Mini 4 Pro has many great features:

  1. Portability: It’s small and fits easily into a bag.
  2. Ease of Use: The new remote control doesn’t need a phone and is quick to set up.
  3. Safety Features: It has sensors all around to avoid obstacles.
  4. High-Quality Video: It takes high-resolution videos similar to bigger drones.

How Far Will the DJI Mini 4 Pro Fly?

The DJI Mini 4 Pro can fly up to 20 kilometers (12.4 miles) in the best conditions. This long range is great for exploring and capturing faraway scenes.

Main DJI Mini 4 Pro Features

What’s Included in the DJI Mini 4 Pro Fly More Combo

The Fly More Combo includes:

Is It Worth the Upgrade from the DJI Mini 3 Pro?

Upgrading from the DJI Mini 3 Pro to the Mini 4 Pro is worth it if you want:

The Mini 4 Pro has enhanced video transmission, longer flight times with the optional battery, and better safety features like ActiveTrack 360° and Advanced Return to Home.

The DJI Mini 4 Pro is a fantastic drone, combining advanced features with a compact design. It’s user-friendly and captures high-quality videos, making it a great choice for both new and experienced drone users.

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FAQ Section

How long does the DJI Mini 4 Pro battery last?

The DJI Mini 4 Pro can fly up to 34 minutes with the standard battery and up to 45 minutes with the Intelligent Flight Battery Plus.

Can the DJI Mini 4 Pro be flown in windy conditions?

Yes, the Mini 4 Pro can handle winds up to 24 mph, thanks to its strong and lightweight design.

Is the DJI Mini 4 Pro suitable for beginners?

Yes, its easy-to-use features and safety systems make it perfect for beginners.

What is the maximum resolution for video recording?

The DJI Mini 4 Pro can record video at a maximum resolution of 4K at 60 frames per second, and up to 100 frames per second for slow-motion shots.

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